Ascent of Damavand summit

بر فراز قله دماوند

Climbing up Damavand peak

Details of this journey is written by Ali Tavakoli. If you are willing to see more about him, you can reach his personal page by clicking here.

I, Ali Tavakoli, as a hiker and a veteran of war who have lost one leg and a residence of Aligoodarz in Lorestan province, have implemented the national plan of peaking 31 summits from 31 distinct provinces of Iran which is designed by Mountaineering and Sports Climbing Federation, that obviously is responsible for determining the highest peaks in Iran.

The beginning of the ascent route to Damavand peak
The beginning of the ascent route to Damavand peak

Description of ascent of Damavand peak

  • Damavand is highest peak in Mazandaran province with 5671 meters height
  • Height of start spot for ascent: Approximately 3000 meters, Goosfand sara or mosque
  • Elevation height: 5671 meters
  • Ascent route: Southern route
  • Ascent time: 2 days (3:30 hours and 5:30 hours to goosfand sara and summit respectively, in aggregate 9 hours)
  • Descent time: 5:15 hours
The ascent route to Damavand peak
The ascent route to Damavand peak

Damavand Peak, highest peak in Iran

Manna, Ali Tavakoli, started my forth plan to clime Damavand peak in which my friend, Jabar Bagherian, was my accompany. I had to start from Polour city that was 455 km far from my own city, Aligoodarz. I reached there at 10:00 am. After providing the requirements, we started our route by a car toward Goosfand sara. We had to pay 15000 tomans as a toll but I refrained from paying as federation does not provide any services to climbers.

Start of climbing up Damavand summit

Finally, we started at 13:00 pm from mosque that is located in 3000 m height toward third base in 4200 m height. We reached there at 16:30 after 3:30 climbing. Next morning, we got up at 5:00 am. The onset of climbing was at 6:00 am. After 6 hours hiking from southern route and passing through steep slopes in harsh weather condition due to winds, we reached at the summit in 5671 m height.

Climbing Damavand Peak
Climbing Damavand Peak

Description of Damavand peak

The weather condition was harsh due to wind that was blown with 70 km/h velocity. We spend 15 minutes on taking photos and congratulating to our peers. Afterward, we left summit at 12 :00 pm toward third base. We reached there at 14:00 pm. We took a rest and had lunch and started to come down at 15:00 pm toward mosque. We finally reached mosque at 18:00 and used another car to reach polour camp successfully.

Above Damavand peak
Above Damavand peak

Groups and companions during this trek

This plan was done with coordination of Mr. Jabar Bagherian who is sophisticated climbers of Kelardasht city and presence of other dear climbers.



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