Introduction of traveling in autumn

Iran is known for one of the rarest countries in which four distinct seasons can be seen at the same time. Since it is surrounded by World’s largest inland body of water and dense forests in north, Mediterranean Sea in south, cold mountain ranges in west and world’s hottest zone in east, it boasts a variety of climates and it is big difference in weather conditions from one region to another.

This kind of features that amazingly let people to ski in deep snow after playing water sports just by one-hour trip, make Iran a dream destination for tourists. No matter from which country the tourists are, they would definitely enjoy visiting Iran in each season, even those who are hard to please. Given these points, Iran lasts a proper choice to visit in every time of the year. Since it is apparently important for tourists to become aware of weather conditions that they would be faced, we have tried to show Iran conditions in autumn as below:

Autumn in Iran

Autumn in Iran starts in the second half of September spreads all the way to December. In this season nature wears its most fascinating colorful dress. It has matchless scenery that could not be found anywhere, but paradise, so it is considered as second season that domestic travelers prefer most, after spring. Early autumn is a proper time to visit each corner of Iran for ancient place enthusiast, sightseeing fans, snow fans and generally each tourist with different passion.

Temperature in different zones of Iran in autumn

The climate diversity causes the huge difference between temperature ranges in disparate zones. So, it could be divided to four parts:

North: temperature range is almost between 4 to 27 degrees Celsius. Although it is rainy most of the days, it is a good time span to visit north considering its spectacular spots in fall featuring numerous color.

East: the lowest temperature is -1 in September and the highest is 35 in December. East of Iran including some desert is not common destination in summer so fall is good alternative to visit east due to its mild weather.

West: temperature ranges is between -3 to 28 degrees Celsius. If you are looking for somewhere cold with snow and rain fall in which playing winter sports are possible, you can consider the paradise within your grasp.

South: When season shift from summer to fall, weather turns to be more pleasant and the temperature ranges is between 9 to 42 degrees Celsius.


The precipitation in fall is considerable in each region but it reaches to peak in north with 180 mm. Although it is hard to believe, it might be little snowfall in desert in lately autumn.

What to wear in autumn in Iran

Considering the point that almost everywhere is rainy, taking the umbrella is a must do. Bringing either warm or cold clothes is suggested.