Isfahan Province

Isfahan province, also transliterated as Esfahan, Espahan, Isfahan, or Isphahan, is one of the thirty-one provinces of Iran. It is located in the center of the country in Iran’s Region. 10 percent of the whole deserts of Iran is in this province.

Isfahan Province map
Isfahan Province map

this Province has so many traditional and historical places and many tourism places. Isfahan is one of the main places with the highest level of handmade work. There are few places remained from pre-Islamic and mostly the traditional places in Isfahan remained from after Islam and different eras. The capital of Isfahan province is the city of Isfahan.

History of Isfahan

There is a lot to say about the history of Isfahan and separately we have introduced and said about different places in Isfahan and their history. For reading more about history of Isfahan you can click on each tourism place in Isfahan and get to know more about the history of Isfahan.

Isfahan is hosting many mountain climbers annually and in different seasons because of its location and conditions. Mostly the historical places in Isfahan remained from Safavid and Saljuk era. From pre Islam we have the historical silk hills and the fire places.

Isfahan, in the heart of Iran

As we mentioned the capital of this historical province is the city of Isfahan. The city of Isfahan is one of the most important and most historical areas in Iran. City of Isfahan has a very old history behind remained from different eras and empires. The popularity of the city of Isfahan is also because of the artist we had and still have there and their architecture and their artwork remained behind in this city.
This province is connected to Qom, Semnan and Markazi provinces from the north. From the south, the city of Isfahan is connected to Fars and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Provinces. From the west part it is connected to Lorestan and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Provinces.

Important cities

Important cities of Isfahan province are, Isfahan, Kashan, Natanz, Qamsar, Niyasar, Naien, Khansaar and Golpaygan and… .


خانه کشیش
Isfahan city

Keshish House

Keshish House in Isfahan A historical building remained from Qajar era in Jolfa district in Isfahan city in isfahan province,…
خانه ملاباشی اصفهان(خانه معتمدی اصفهان)
Isfahan cityIsfahan Province

mollabashi house

Isfahan’s Mollabashi Historical House (Motamedi House) ‪This beautiful house, known as Isfahan’s Mollabashi Historical House, is also known as Isfahan’s…