Iran’s nature

Due to various air conditions, Iran is known as a four season country.
Weather difference in seasons and large geographical areas ornamented Iran with breathtaking site visits.

Iran natural beauties

Regarding naturally diversity and variety of characteristics such as elevation, temperature and precipitation Iran has a sort of stunning sites. For instance, countless mountains, waterfalls, intact desert, forests, fields and hillsides covered with either exquisite or herbal plants are a part of Iran’s attraction.

Why Iran’s Nature

The combination of Iran’s nature with culture of indigenous people soaked in nature, have made Iran a matchless destination for tourists. You just need to identify which kind of conditions you are interested to experience.

Nature Segmentation

According to the vast nature of the country, Iran, we simply made the bellow subtitles and for more info you can click on each to read and see more about each topic.

Endemic Fauna and Flora
Iran Wildlife
Deserts in Iran
Seas and lakes in Iran
Wetlands in Iran
Rivers in Iran
Islands in Iran
Forests in Iran
Mountains in Iran
Caves in Iran