Fauna and Flora of Iran

Iran has many genetic and biological sources. On the other word, Iran Fauna and Flora is the most important genetic source in Iran. Fauna is all of the animal life present in a particular region or time. And Flora is all the plant life present in a particular region or time. Generally the naturally occurring native plants. Iran has a rich Fauna and Flora.

Wildlife in Iran-Endemic Fauna of Iran

The variety and contrast of the climate in Iran are what make the Wildlife in Iran unique and may be different. From desert with hot weather to vast and fertile plains, greens and jungles. This is the reason for the variety of wildlife in Iran.

Persian ground jay – زاغ بور – is endemic to Iran.

Endemic Flora of Iran

Iran, for having different climates and weather, has a variety of plant covering and Flora. These plants are in three groups, the first group includes the plants you can see in other places of the world. This means the origin of these plants is not Iran or not only Iran. The pistachio tree is one of these trees, which is brought to the Empire of Iran and today you can see the same tree in some parts of Turkey and Syria as well, which were part of Iran on those days.
Another group was transferred to Iran and the cultivation is in Iran. These plants have economic benefits. Sometimes these plants will go through some changes because of the new climate and may become completely different from the original one. The tee tree is one of these plants.
The other group is those which are originally for Iran and they belong to Iran and called the endemic plants. These plants are so valuable. They may be found in different areas and regions of Iran. Saffron is endemic to Iran and it is taken to other countries to slew.

Endemic trees of Iran

Trees, basically are strong and they protect the leaves with the wooden roots and trunks. In Iran, many trees originally are for Iran and are endemic to Iran.

Endemic shrubs of Iran

Shrubs are tree-like plants, in different sizes from trees. These are shorter than trees.

Endemic Herbaceous plants of Iran

Herb is the word used to call these plants. The leaves and stems are thin. They mostly are seasonal and at the end of the season, they will be withered. They have a short lifetime.

Endemic Flowers of Iran

Flowers or blooms are the reproductive structure found in flowering plants. This part is so beautiful in some plants that man call them flowers. Iran has so many endemic flowers. Lilium ladebourii is endemic to Iran.


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