Iran Wildlife

The variety and contrast like Iran are what make the Wildlife in Iran unique and may be different. From desert with hot weather to vast and fertile plains, greens and jungles. This is the reason for the variety of wildlife in Iran.

Habitats in Iran

Ancient Iran, this old territory, had been changing a lot for millions of years. One of the most important changes in the appearance of Alborz and Zagros mountains which happened Ten million years ago and shaped the country of Iran.
These changes during years made the variety of wildlife in Iran and made different climates such as desert with hot and dry climate, fertile and green plains, mountainous and jungles.
These climates could attract different migrant birds and animals to Iran annually and during years people could have seen different migrant animals especially birds flying over Iran’s sky.

How climate affects an animal’s life

Research shows that the variety of wildlife in Iran was so more in the past. There are some notes found under the volcanic ashes of Sahand, which belongs to seven to nine million years ago and tell us about some animals we cannot believe that they used to live in Iran. Animals like, anteater, giraffe, elephant, saber-toothed tiger and rhino and even monkeys.

Human doesn’t have hand in their overthrow and it was only the major events in the Earth’s past. After this, animals from northeastern Asian, Europe, and even Africa migrated to Iran.

Fauna of Iran

According to the illegal hunting all around Iran, still, the variety of wildlife and the endemic animals and species are a lot. There are 174 Fish species, 206 reptile species, 514 bird species, 20 amphibious species, 194 mammals and out of these, 12 fish species, 2 amphibious, 11 reptile species, 15 mammal species, and 16 bird species are endangered.

Iran Endemic Mammals

The variety of climate in Iran caused a vast range of mammals. The Mammals family in Iran is made of 37 from porcupine to dolphins and Feliformia (Cat-like).

Iran Endemic Birds

Birds are the most interested and beloved species in Iran. They are in old and ancient stories and have an important role in the history of Iran. The habitat of birds is the whole country and not only some parts. Only some special birds belong to some special areas in Iran.

Iran Endemic Amphibious

These species are the first ones appeared on the land. Iran does not have a large amount and different species of amphibious.

Iran Endemic Reptiles

The reptiles we see today are the remains from the overthrown dinosaurs. In Iran there are turtles and some other reptile remains from dinosaurs.

Iran Endemic Fishes

In north and south of Iran, there are small and big seas and lakes full of fishes and aquatic plant species belong to Iran and this climate.