Dos and don’ts of travel Iran

In this part we tried to give you some important information about traveling in Iran and travel to Iran, we will talk about some tourist service you need to know and some dos and don’ts for travel to Iran.

For travel to Iran you may plan and have an organized plan but same with so many other countries it may not happen 100% like what you expected. Good to plan for travel in Iran but be ready to have fun and enjoy a flexible plan and just take it easy and be happy.

Few things are a bit different in Iran, women should use scarf or a shawl on head and not like Arab countries a complete Hijab, but just a scarf on head and a long and appropriate outfit.

Alcohol is forbidden in Iran and nowhere to be sold and bought. So you cannot carry alcoholic drinks with you to Iran, otherwise you will be asked to throw it at the airport.


Requirements for travel to Iran

-Passport/ and don’t worry about the entrance and arrival stamp on your Passport. You will receive some other papers entrance and to exit.

-cash/ Iranian bank system is not connected to the international banking system so you need to carry cash and mostly USD/EURO and do the exchange which is available almost everywhere and in every city. Tourist service is pretty good in Iran.

-You can see the four season in different time of the year and in different areas so take good enough cloth, cold and warm both.

-Hosting of Iranians is known and it is famous but still try to be careful about people you are trusting. Anything happens all around the world.