Ghasr Monshi

ghasr monshi in isfahan

Ghasr monshi of Isfahan is one of the masterpieces of Isfahanian architects in Safavie era. Qasr Manshi Hotel is one of the recommended accommodations in Isfahan province.

ghasr monshi Isfahan
ghasr monshi Isfahan

Ghasr Monshi Palace

In ancient place of Ghasr Monshi that nowadays is called Hassan Abad, this masterpiece from lately Safavie era and early of Ghajar era attracts tourists. A monument with many floors which was one of the Fathali Shah accommodations. During ages, numerous important political and religious people lived there, for instance minister of Ghajarie era.

Ghasr monshi hotel
Hotel and Restuarant

Ghasr Monshi of Isfahan

 This palace is registered as a national monument in 2005. After repairs, people are using it as a caravansary that includes hotel and restaurants. You need to walk up a lot of stairs to reach restaurants.

ghasr monshi in isfahan
Hotel in isfahan

Hotel of Ghasr Monshi

The location of Ghasre monshi is near other famous attractions of Isfahan, In GhasrMonshi alley and Hassan Abad era. You are eligible to reach famous places such as Isfahan Constitutional House, Naghshe Jahan square, Alighapou, traditional bazaar and predominantly Khaju bridge and si-o-se-pol bridge easily .

ghasr monshi restaurant

The location of Ghasre Monshi

For your convenience, we have provided following location that helps you to reach this monument easily.

ghasre monshi
ghasre monshi


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Ghasr Monshi

Another remnant of the Safavid period in Isfahan is the palace Ghasr Monshi. In the following, we will introduce this place and history, exact address and location, and more photos

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