Kashan, a desert town in Iran

The beautiful desert town in Iran and traditional town in Iran, covered with the mountains on the one hand and other side to the deserts of Iran with seven thousand year old by Silak hills in kashan. This desert town in Iran, has green gardens on the hearts of desert. In the following we tried to introduce you this desert town in Iran and to guide you for traveling to Iran and travel to Kashan and complete guidance on travel to Kashan and deserts in Iran.

Travel to Kashan

We introduce Kashan tourism and it will be the complete kashan travel guide for local and foreign tourists.

Since the beginning of Muslim period, this city has been one of the most famous cities in Isfahan province, located 195 kilometers from Isfahan and 220 kilometers south of Tehran.

Kashan is one of the important cities of Isfahan province and covered with deserts in Iran and silak hills from north to Semnan province and salt lake and from northwest to Qom city, from east to Ardestan city and from the south it is limited to Natanz.

Climate in Kashan

Climate in Kashan in same as a desert. Kashan has desert climate, hot and dry summers with very low rainfall and very cold winters.

History of Kashan

One of the oldest centers of ancient civilizations in the between Kashan and Fin area called Silak hills with history of around 4500 BC that shows many of  people were lived in this place.

The civilization of the people of Silak hills was overthrown by the Aryan civilization 3500 years ago.

Fire place in Kashan

The remains of effect from sasani period is fire place in Kashan and Niasser fire place and haram dasht fire place around Kashan, indicating the attention of the Sassani kings to Kashan. This city was one of the most economically important cities in the period.

This city was very important during the Saljoqi period, especially during the reign of Jalale al-din Abul Fateh Malekshah, one of the most brilliant period in Kashan.

Iranian pottery (Pottery in Kashan)

At this time, art was also brilliant in this land, also the pottery in Kashan as an industry and tiles works gained worldwide fame. One hears the name of kashan and in a second can say about Pottery in Kashan and tiles.

The name of Kashan is inspired from tile and pottery.

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