Keshish House

خانه کشیش

Keshish House in Isfahan

A historical building remained from Qajar era in Jolfa district in Isfahan city in isfahan province, known as Keshish House, is one of a few old buildings and houses that remained almost intact. This historical house belongs to a priest named, Gargin Hananian. That is why it is called Keshish house or the Priest House. Keshish in Persian means Priest. In the following, we will introduce the Keshish House nad the history of this house, the address and the location.

Keshish House Hotel

In Jolfa district, which is one of the old districts in Isfahan, you can find an old Qajar accommodation with the Safavid architecture. A Priest was the owner of this house. The architecture of this house is Iranian Safavid. The priest named, Gargin Hananian and was the respected priest of the Vank church.

Keshish House
The entrance gate of the Keshish Hotel

This priest was a respected one between Armenian Community in Isfahan and in fact that is way he’s buried near the bell tower in the vank church. He was born in 1881 in Jolfa district in Isfahan. He educated in Jolfa and for higher education he went abroad. Indeed, Armenian and priests used to travel to India and Lebanon for higher education.

The House of Gargin Hananian

He became a priest in 1910 but after working hard for years. Additionally, the popularity of the Keshish House and this Qajari accommodation, is not only because of the architecture and the design, but also for the personality of this priest and the owner of this historical house. In addition to religious activity, he used to write and translate. In his life time he wrote many articles and books in Armenian, French, English and Persian and all were published in known magazines and journals.


He wrote the book named, Armenian Churches in English and also a Persian-Armenian dictionary. Translated works of him are “Martyr Armenia” English to Armenian and “Armenian nation” from French to English. As a result, the Persian-Armenian dictionary published in 1933 in Tehran.

Architecture of the Keshish House Boutique in Isfahan

This historical house, which now is known as Keshish House Boutique and Keshish House Hotel in Isfahan and in Jolfa district, has a unique design. The main building includes the Shah-Neshin, which means the main hall and the biggest room of the House, a vestibule or an arctic entry, rooms and a nice big terrace. You will see a water fountain in the yard which is an important element of an Iranian architecture. There are four columns in terrace with an impressive design. Arts like, glass and mirror work, Qashani and colorful wooden designs.

The priest House-Keshish House in Isfahan
The priest House-Keshish House in Isfahan

There is a historical construction remained from the Qajar era on the north part of the Keshish Hotel. Other buildings added recently to this place. But the architect of these buildings used the same Qajar and Safavid architecture, to keep the main and historical style of the House. One of these buildings is a library. A place to keep the old books and antique stuff.

Renovation of the Keshish Hotel or house and boutique

In 2005, this historical house in Jolfa district of Isfahan, was sold to a known Person of Isfahan, Mr. Homayoun Afham. This person was interested in art and culture and bought this place from the priest’s heirs. By his order the renovation was done by some of the best and known architecture of Iran and then they made it an accommodation. The Keshish House Boutique and Hotel. A traditional Qajar accommodation.

Keshish House
Keshish House

Where is the keshish Hotel or House in Isfahan?

There are so many historical places and houses in Isfahan and mostly remained from the Qajar and the Safavid era. One of the best and most beautiful is the House which has become the Keshish hotel in Isfahan. This historical and traditional hotel and accommodation is located in Jolfa district, No.10, Zeytoon, Sang Tarashha Alley, Isfahan, Iran.

Courtyard of the Keshish House
Courtyard of the Keshish House

Contact of the Keshish Hotel in Isfahan

For reservation and booking information you can call : +983136255918

The booking price start at: 3150000 IRR

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Keshish House in Isfahan

A historical house remained from the Qajar era, now became a Boutique Hotel in Isfahan. Keshish House is a beautiful Qajari accommodation in the Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan.

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