mollabashi house

خانه ملاباشی اصفهان(خانه معتمدی اصفهان)

Isfahan’s Mollabashi Historical House (Motamedi House)

‪This beautiful house, known as Isfahan’s Mollabashi Historical House, is also known as Isfahan’s Motamedi House. This house belongsTo the Zandiye and Qajar era. In recent centuries this house has been observing Isfahan’s history. Recently in the 80’s  Dr. Motamedi bought and renovated it. Some days even the homeowner is at home!

‪One of the unique things about this house is that all rooms are carpeted and give the visitor more sense of being home Because of the Iranian carpet. so-called, the house is Carpeted.

Mollabashi House address

Mollabashi House is located in the urban context of Isfahan. The location and address of Mollabashi House is as follows: Isfahan Province , Isfahan City, Isfahan Paghaleh Neighborhood, Malek Street, Mollabashi Alley, First House on the right. The rest of the alley in the past has been for Mollabashi and the place of stables.

‪Visit Mollabashi House

‪The Mollabashi house is privately owned, meaning it does not have a systematic and cultural heritage and ticket sale, you can go every time, there is Kindly old man that you can pay for (on February 97 we got 15,000 tomans for each but it doesn’t have a fixed rate). So there is no specific time of arrival, but the best time to visit at regular hours such as 9 Am to 7pm for someone to answer.

Motamedi House Contact No.

Motamedi House Phone is below.


‪Beautiful New tourist attraction

‪Isfahan is full of attractions Places that gives you a good sense of new experience in Isfahan, Mollabashi home made up of different parts, if I you want to go there and take a photo, it might spend your time  between 1 and 2 hours. This home, with its various rooms, beautiful courtyard, colored glass and old furniture gives you a feeling of home and peace. You can even take a photo of the bride and groom in this location.

‪Isfahan’s Mollabashi House (Isfahan Motamedi House)

The Mollabashi House (Isfahan Motamedi House) this beautiful historical home is comprised of various interiors and exterior areas, courtyards and corridors. The beautiful rooms inside the house that also have a childbirth house! Rooms with colored ** give a sense of art and beauty to the human.

‪First we go to the main part of the house that symbolizes this house. Interior rooms with its large and colorful ** and Iranian carpets and old backpacks, it makes you cringe to sit here and immerse yourself in the thought and just enjoy the everyday fun. If you reach these **  and If you put away the curtains of the house by the attendant,

‪the colorful lights will be scattered throughout the room and be a dreamly for the art of photography and fantasy…

mollabashi hause
inside mollabashi hause

Visit Mollabashi House

‪After that, you would reach a room full of beds and backpacks. It takes you a moment to remember your past and your grandparents’ home. You might even want to hide in the old bed like and go upstairs… Then you get to the bedroom and you are fascinated.

Bed house Mollabashi
Bedrooms of Mollabashi

‪There is a beautiful small basin which has some unique paintings upside on the roof of this place.

Mollabashi Isfahan House
Mollabashi Isfahan House


‪Even in the backyard you can see beautiful paintings and contemporary tiles. The presence of these jars may make you thirsty or hungry.

Paintings by Mollabashi Isfahan House
There is a beautiful small basin which has some unique paintings upside on the roof of this place.

‪Beautiful contemporary paintings and tiles could be seen in the yard too.

Isfahan Mollabashi House Yard
Isfahan Mollabashi House Yard

The roof of Mollabashi house in Isfahan
The roof of Mollabashi house in Isfahan

‪colored glasses‫…

‪Colorful glasses and windows…. After visiting the main and big hall and rooms of Mollabashi house, you should visit other small but colorful rooms at the other side. …

Maternity Room of mollabashi House
Maternity Room of mollabashi House

‪Next to this Place was a Childbirth room, formerly used for the birth of infants, where they welcomed a newborn baby.

Guest Room Mollabashi
Guest Room Mollabashi

‪Which also has another part of the guest room in the space opposite the top photo…

The roof of Mollabashi's house
The roof of Mollabashi’s house

‪From the different sections you visit, be sure to go up to the top of roof. You can see the house from another perspective and visit the rooms and other parts of the house.

The roof of Mollabashi's house
The roof of Mollabashi’s house

‪Again we come to a room with attractive elements that you like Sitting on interesting chair

Mollabashi House Room
Mollabashi House Room

‪The roof and home view of this room…

Another view of Isfahan's Mollabashi House
Another view of Isfahan’s Mollabashi House

‪The Orsi and the colored glass in their room fascinate the eyes.

Mollabashi House Room
Colored windows of Mollabashi house

‪View of the upper room with various paintings on the ceiling that symbolize and the different months of the year and the glass and carpet of the Iranians are visible from above.

The prince of Mollabashi's house
Alcove of Mollabashi House

Alongside the beautiful, artistic and original Iranian architecture of this house, old appliances also play a role in making it more special.

Old furniture of Mollabashi house in Isfahan
Old furniture of Mollabashi house in Isfahan

beautiful corridor

The rooms of this house overlook the courtyard. One of the paths is connected by this beautiful corridor.

beautiful corridor motamedi hause
beautiful corridor motamedi hause

The rooms of this house overlook the courtyard. One of the paths is connected by this beautiful corridor.

A beautiful hallway which lighting and paintings do not allow you to just cross that and like to sit in the hallway and take a photo. The bottom of this hallway is also decorated with these beautiful glass. Here, the surroundings of this beautiful house remind us again, that we must enjoy the whole path even the hallway and just going to  an unknown purpose.

The exact location of Mollabashi House in Isfahan

With the help of the map and location of Motamedi House in Isfahan, you can route to this beautiful house with the help of your mobile phone.


mollabashi historical house

Complete information about Mollabashi historical house or Motamedi house in Isfahan along with address, visit time, home phone, location and virtual visit and complete information are as follows.

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