Podoces pleskei-Zaghe bur

زاغ بور

Iran has a diversity of birds that are not native but zaghe bur. These birds live in desserts exclusively, considered their specific beauties. From the habitats of Zaghe bour, Turan park and conservation area of Abbasabad in Naeen city are the most important ones. These birds have completely adapted to live in dessert and could not be found in anywhere else.

Podoces pleskei, Zaghe bour, Zaghe bur

It has a blonde-pink color that help it to camouflage in dessert. It could be nimble on rough stones duo to its strong feet. Also, its hard beak could easily excavate the ground. It usually prefers to walk around rather than flying. Its most favorite flora are Ghich, Peanut, Sagebrush, Pruritus and Tamarisk.
Ghich is a short plant with thick and watery branch and small leaves like spoon.

zagh bour
zagh bour

Specifications Podoces pleskei

Persian name: Bor chicken, Zagh bour, Bour chicken, Kaviri zagh, English name: Persian Ground-Jay, Scientific name: Podoces pleskei, Size: Size of this bird is about 24 cm.

Food and diet for zaghe bour

feeds on insects and grains of desert plants.


It lives in desert and semi-desert steppes. Their favorite place is QichZar. This birds prefers the qich to nests to other plants. They  built the nests together with Qichs.

Reproduction and regeneration

In the spring, this blond Iranian crow lays two pale green eggs in its nest. The mother is responsible for maintaining and sleeping on the egg for 1 to 2 days. The male is responsible for supplying food. Distribution of chicken boron in  is found in eastern and southeastern parts of Iran. Their areas and environment is desert areas.

Ground jay
Ground jay

The sound of Persian Podoces pleskei

In the below video, you can hear the sound of this beautiful bird,

The singing at the sunrise

The following documentary is about a Persian Ground Jay, called Bride Desert. Watching this beautiful documentary for 45 minutes, you can see the life of a pair of chicken birds,

Bride Deseret Documentary

zaghe bour
zaghe bour

The role of Persian ground Podoces pleskei in the nature

Every creature has a role and duty in nature and creation. This Bird with feeding insects helps balance their populations. By eating the seeds of the plant and disposing of it elsewhere helps to produce plants. This is the cycle of nature between wildlife, which leads to a balance in nature. Unfortunately this year we are destroying the wildlife of Iran by eliminating this cycle.

Podoces pleskei
Podoces pleskei

The images of this post are by Shahrzad Fatahi and Mehdi Jalalpour.


Podoces pleskei or Zaghe bour

Podoces pleskei or Zaghe bour is the only iranian endemic brids. The following is a general description of this bird, summarizing its characteristics, sound, distribution, price and photo.

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