Shiraz,The city of history in Iran

This page tries to tell you more about Shiraz, the city of history in Iran and tourism places in Shiraz, Gardens in Shiraz, historical places in Shiraz, mosques in Shiraz, religious places in Shiraz, tombs in Shiraz, tourist accommodation in Shiraz and many other information and guidance for traveling to Iran and traveling to Shiraz. This is a perfect Shiraz travel guide for tourists.

Travel to Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the great cities of Iran which, due to its history, has always been a destination for many tourists around the world. There are several ways to reach this beautiful city. Public transportation and personal car travel are among the ways to reach Shiraz.

Travel by public transport to Shiraz

Lines and public transport are always helpful for travelers. Rail and train lines, airlines and bus terminals are among the public transport services that accompany tourists to Shiraz.

Travel by car to Shiraz

Perhaps one of the attractions of travel is the road. It can only be experienced by traveling in a beautiful personal car. The highways, road and routes connect the different cities to Shiraz will guide travelers.

Travel in Shiraz

Shiraz Municipality has installed a public transport system for tourists and people in Shiraz. Bus, subway and city trains and taxis are public transport. Snap app is one of the companions that will help you on your city journey in Shiraz.

Tourist accommodation in Shiraz

There are plenty of accommodation in the city such as inns, multi-star hotels, motels, hostels and rental apartments. Also tourism use historical houses in Shiraz.

Tourism Places in Shiraz

Shiraz is rich in History and persisn culture and the more you see and visit, the more you enjoy. There are loads of beautiful places remained from different eras in Shiraz and all have some story behind.

Darvaze Quran

The entrance to the beautiful city of Shiraz begins with an ancient gate with the Qoran. This beautiful historical monument is a reminder that the beautiful city of Shiraz, with the orange trees. This belong to historical Zandiyeh period, but the foundation goes back to the deylami period.

Next to the darvazeh Quran and over the 40 Magham Mountain, which is the beginning of the city of Shiraz, there is a four arched building that called the Gahvareheye div. The history of this building back to the period of Azad al-Dawlah Deilmi and is generally famous to the azod dome.

Jahan Nama Garden

Next to darvaze Quran Street is a historical garden from Zandieh’s period, which is the work of Karim Khan Zand. The building is enclosed by a simple brick wall and in the heart of these walls are trees and a kolah farangi mansion.

Jameh Atiq mosque

The oldest mosque in the city of Shiraz, located on the east side of Shahcheragh, is known as the Jameh Atiq Mosque. This ancient mosque was built in the time of Amr Laith Saffari.

Saraye Moshir

The Golshan or traditional bazar is a beautiful market which traditional goods and crafts that are very beautiful. This historical building is located at the southern end of the Vakil Market.

Vakil Mosque

This beautiful mosque, as the name, belongs to the Karim Khan period and the vakil al-Roaya of Iran. Beautiful Vakil Mosque Like all the monuments built by the order of Karim Khan, one of the most artistic and historical building of Shiraz

Haft tanan Tomb

The Haft tanan is an enclosed courtyard full of trees inside of beautiful building. Inside of the garden and among the trees, there are seven tombstones that belong to the mystics, which is why this monument is named. Those are haft tanan.

Nasir al-Molk Mosque

At Lotfali Khan Zand Street, just below the market you will find Khan School, one of the most magnificent and beautiful mosques in southern Iran called Nasir al-Molk Mosque in City. The mosque has been exposed to many earthquakes over the years, but its architecture was flexible and unharmed by used the wooden poles.

Manteq nezhad House

Another of the historical and beautiful monuments and houses is the Manteqbezhad House. This house with its many architectural and decorations is one of the most historical houses in Shiraz.

Shahcheragh (shrine of Shahcheragh)

In the heart of the city of Shiraz, the shrine of one of the eighth Imam’s brothers, Seyed Mir Mohammad, has been the holy place and shrine of the People for many years. The Niloufari dome and the tile of Shahrcberagh are the first one to be discovered from afar.

Afif abad garden

Golshan Garden or Afifabad Garden located south of Qasr al-Dasht Street in the western part of Shiraz, it belong to Safavid period, but its beautiful building dates back to the Qajar period, which was ordered by Qavam al-Mulk of Shiraz.

Vakil Market

The historical market of Shiraz is the Vakil market, built in the Zandiyeh period and next to the vakil mosque. It is easy to say that there is less beautifully designed market in Iran.

Vakil mosque

The city of Shiraz is belong to Zandieh period and the achievements of Vakil-al roaya. A beautiful mosque was built on Taleghani Street by order of Karim Khan Zand. Beautiful tiles, integrated marble pulpit and carving of the 48 columns are the details of beautiful building. As above descriptions, the building is the vakil Mosque or the Soltan Mosque.

Hafez tomb

The tomb of one of the greatest and most famous poets and mystics of Iran, Hafez in the north of Shiraz. It was built by the efforts of Ali Asghar Hekmat Shirazi in the heart of a mystical and green space and the architect of the Andere Godar.

Zinatulmolouk garden

Zinatulmolouk House is part of the famous Garden with its beautiful decoration and architecture. It is one of the most beautiful and beautiful and historical city of Shiraz. The glass and mirrors of this building are so beautiful that it keeps you entertained for hours.

Karimkhani Dynasty

The most important building of the Zandiyeh period is the Karim Khan Dynasty, the Karim Khan Zand government center in Shiraz. This brick castle building is located northeast of Shiraz.

Saadi Tomb

Another poet and mystic of Iran, Sheikh Moslehoddin Saadi Shirazi, is in the heart of the city of Shiraz. The tomb of this great poet is built in a large courtyard on the grave of this poet, beautiful and large stone adorned with Saadi Master’s poems. Underneath the tomb, there is a crystal clear water spring that is popular among the people of Shiraz.

The tomb of Khawaji Kermani

Khawaji Kermani is another great figure of Iranian history who lived in the city of Shiraz and his tomb is located near the Darvazeh Quran.

Eram Garden

Eram is the name of a beautiful and large garden at the end of the street of the same name. This beautiful building, which belongs to the Qajar period, has been refurbished, and seen by elders to tell it to tourists today. This beautiful garden with a lush courtyard has a prettier mansion.

Naghshe Rostam

If you stand on the platform of Persepolis, you can easily see a mountain that is famous for Hussein Mountain. This mountain is one of the most important sites of this land. This mountain continues to the plain of Marvdasht. There is a beautiful painting are reminiscent of the Hakhamaneshi and Sassani period.

Also the tombs that are dug into the mountains. Tombs related to the Hakhamaneshi period. There are Kabe zartosht and atashdan sangi. This historical collection is called Naghshe Rostam.

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