Tehran- The capital city of Iran

When you hear the name of every country you may think of the capital city of that country. When it is Iran so the name of Tehran will be mentioned beside Iran. In the bellow we tried to write more about the capital city of Iran and the weather in Tehran, the Nightlife in Tehran, transportation in Tehran and urban transportation in Tehran, tourist accommodation in Tehran and travel to Tehran guide for all.

Weather in Tehran

Tehran has a different climate due to the difference in altitude.

Tehran’s climate is largely defined by its geographic location, with the towering Alborz Mountains to its north and the country’s central desert to the south. It can be generally described as mild in spring and autumn, hot and dry in summer, and cold and wet in winter.

Transportation in Tehran

There are many ways to travel to the Tehran, such as: rail, plane, bus, that depending on where you are, you have specular services for transportation.

The most common way of traveling to Tehran is using a personal car, which has been facilitated by highway and freeway in recent years.

Urban Transportation in Tehran

Tehran like most of the world’s big city provides intercity transportation services as a capital. These services include the metro (which It has covered most parts of the city in recent years) buses that serve both the regular and express (BRT) and taxi lines that are ready for service in most of during the day.

Tourist accommodation in Tehran

One of the most important parts of traveling to any destination is accommodation, when you travel to Tehran, there are different ways to accommodate you, include hotels, houses and rental apartments, multi-star hotels and hostels.

Nightlife in Tehran

Nightlife is intangible unlike many cities of the world and most of Tehran’s shopping and entertainment centers are closed after midnight. But only when you travel to Iran and travel to Tehran, you can understand how the nightlife in Tehran is.

Tehran tourism Attractions

You must take at least 5 days to visit Tehran and Tehran tourism attractions. In this huge city there are various tourism attractions includes natural, religious and historical places in Tehran.

Palaces in Tehran

Golestan Palace Collection

The Golestan Palace Complex one of the most beautiful and ancient buildings and palaces in Tehran and in Iran with two hundred years old. This Historical building dates back to the Safavieh period, when Shah Abbas Safavi built four gardens and a lofty porch at the present location of Golestan Palace. During the Qajar period it was dedicated to the court and residence of the Qajar kings. Nasser al-din Shah’s reign, was expended the eastern portion of the royal garden and other palaces were built around the garden, which was called the Golestan, including: Hall, Museum, Museum Hall, Ayena Hall, Berlian Hall, Ivory (or Aaj) Hall and Crystal Hall.

Niavaran palace

Niavaran Cultural and Historical Complex is one of the palaces in Tehran and the important on as well and is located in a large garden with an area of 11 hectares in the north of Tehran which has a lot of natural and historical beauty and attraction. The buildings of this complex belong to the Qajar and Pahlavi periods.  Fath Ali Shah Qajar ordered to build that outside of Tehran.

Inside the complex there are two famous palaces called Koushk Ahmad Shahi and Sahebqaraniyah Palace which are built in two different historical periods with enjoyable beauty along with many decorative arts.

Shams al-Emare palace

This beautiful palace located on the east side of Golestan Palace, was built in 1284 by the order of Nasser al-din Shah Qajar and is the first five floor building in Tehran. The palace has a visual beauty in mirroring, painting, plastering, drawing and appearance.

Saad Abad Palace

The historical and cultural complex of Saadabad is located on the Tochal foothills and the green valleys of Darband and in the northern part of Tehran with an area of about 400 hectares by order of Reza Shah Pahlavi.

This palace was the residence of kings of Qajar period during the summer. Over the years the palace has been divided into fourteen small and large palaces and It was expanded to 18 palaces by Reza Shah include: Ahmad Shahi Palace, Shahvand Palace  (Green Palace), White House, Asvad Palace (Black), Shams Palace, Ashraf Palace, Gholam Reza Palace, Queen Mother palace, Ahmad Reza Palace and others.

Dar al-Fanon School

It is one of the most important Monuments of the Amir Kabir. It was built on the orders of him. The building was at that time northeast of the royal palace.

Masoudieh Mansion

Masoudieh’s garden was built on the orders of Masoud Mirza, nicknamed Zal al-Sultan, son of Nasser al-Din Shah, governor of Isfahan. This beautiful mansion includes the porch mansion, the table mansion, the Mushir al-Dawlah mansion and others.

Historical market of Tehran

Tehran Market is an old market located in downtown Tehran. The market is located between Molavi Street and Sirus. The building dates back to Qajar, which contains many of historical things or arts.

Religious Places in Tehran

Tatavos Church

The oldest and the first church in old place of Tehran that built by Fath Ali Shah Qajar in 1187 AD is Tatvos church and only one of the religious places in Tehran and churches in Tehran, not the only one.

Central Mosque

The original building of the mosque dates back to the ninth and eleventh centuries AH, but the present building dates back to the thirteenth century.

Serkis Church

One of the Armenian churches in Tehran, located on Karim Khan Zand Street that built by Margar Sarkisian in memory of his wife.

Imam Zadeh Saleh

This is at the Tajrish Square. Saleh was the brother of the eighth Imam and is one of the religious place of Tehran. Here is one of most famous religious places in Tehran.

Nature Bridge

One of the most beautiful and attractive bridges of Iran and Tehran is built on a two-storey sidewalk that no vehicle can cross. This beautiful bridge is a safe, dreamy and memorable place for family and romantic walks of life for public. Its unique and it displays a picture of the beautiful city of Tehran.

Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower or Azadi Square is the most famous building in Tehran city, one of the symbols of Tehran. Azadi Tower is located in the center of Azadi Square and west of Tehran which is oval shaped. It is Iran’s second largest square in size.

Milad Tower

Milad Tower is one of the symbols of the great city of Tehran. Milad Tower as a national symbol applies for telecommunications and television usage and the Battalion Resturant is a fantastic place for tourists visiting.

National Garden

The building, known as the National Garden, was built in 1344 to enter the military inside Tehran, known as Mashq Square in the past.

Ghazali Cinema Settlement

The Ghazali Cinema Settlement, built by Shadravan Ali Hatami to build historic television series. This beautiful town reflects old life.

Ferdows Garden Mansion

This Garden built on the orders of Mr Mohammad Khan Qajar near Tajrish, but because of his illness and death, the palace was half-finished and he died there. After the revolution, it was given over to Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting.

Mina Dome

Next to the Abo Atash park is a building called the Mina Dome (Plantarium), the largest skyline in the Middle East. This beautiful building allows you to see beautiful sky and beautiful galaxies and stars.

Museums of Tehran

Abgineh and Sofalineh museum

The beautiful octagonal and two-storey building of the museum is located at the beginning of Cirrus Street, which dates back to 80 years and is one of the museums in Tehran. This place was once the personal home of Qavam al-Saltanah and became a museum in 1355.

Treasury of National Jewels museum

The National Jewelery Museum was first established in 1316 AH by collecting jewels in the royal palace at the Central Bank. Darye Nour, Takhte tavoos, or Takhte khorshid,Takhte Nader and koreye Jawaher.

Moghadam Museum

The museum was originally belong to Muhammad Taqi Khan in Qajar period, after this house was given to his son Mohsen Moghaddam and turned into a museum. It is located on the northwest side of Saadabad complex. This is one those small and unique museums in Tehran.

The National Museum of Iran

The National Museum of Iran is a collection of Iranian monuments dating back more than 7,000 years, with over 300,000 objects and the foundation of more than 20,000 square meters that is largest ancient museum in Iran. This museum is one of the important museums in Tehran and in Iran.

Iran Carpet Museum

The museum is located on the north side of Tehran’s Laleh Park, which was opened in 1976 and contains the most valuable carpet of Iranian from the ninth century AH to the contemporary period.

Money Museum

The Money Museum is the first permanent of coins and banknotes in Iran, which opened in 1997 on Mirdamad Street and then moved to Eram Park. In this collection, displaying Iranian money in the past.

Reza Abbasi Museum

The museum was built in honor of Safavieh artist Reza Abbasi. The main two hall of the museum belongs to pre Islamic and Islamic period.

Museum of Nature and Wildlife of Iran

Iran’s Museum of Nature and Wildlife is located in the Darabad area of Tehran, the richest museum of Iranian natural history. The two-storey building has eight halls, with live and taxidermy animals, as well as landscapes from various geological periods. On the grounds of this prison, in the time of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, that built in 1308.

Time Museum

The first clock museum in Iran that exhibits part of human efforts to develop a variety of time measuring instruments. In this museum there is an evolution of mechanical watches. The museum is spectacular and the importance of calculating and passing in various historical periods.

Natural Places in Tehran


Come to the beautiful city of Tehran and do not go to Darband! The beautiful nature in northern Tehran has attractive for tourists. This natural location is divided into two sections of traditional and restaurants. Also the natural section of beautiful nature with mountains and waterfalls.

Parks in Tehran

Mellat Park

Tehran’s Mellat Park is bounded on the east by Valiasr Ave, on the south by Nyayesh Highway and on the north by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Central Building, which became known as Mellat Park after the revolution.

Abo Atash Park

It is a small park located on the southwest side of the Madares and Haqani highway. It has created a spectacular view with beautiful nature bridge and Tehran skyline. This park is almost new compare to the history of other Parks in Tehran.

Jamshidieh Park

The tallest park in Tehran, to the north of Niavaran Street and among the stone walls of Mount Kolakchal, which has many attractions and one of those parks in Tehran for lovers and a lovely place to date.

Niavaran Park

The beautiful Niavaran Park, near to the Niavaran Palace with its beautiful nature and pleasant atmosphere, is the perfect place for hiking with your family.

Saei Park

It is the only old park in Tehran that was built by engineer Karim Saei. This park also is one of the most famous parks in Tehran and all people know this park and have memories wit beloved one.

Chittgar Park

This beautiful park located on the freeway of Tehran Karaj highway, is a destination for many tourists.

Lavizan Park

Lavizan Park in the Tehran’s Lavizan area, has created a pleasing atmosphere of nature to attracting many of tourists.

Pardisan Nature Park

Beautiful Pardisan Park located in Hemmat and Hakim Highway. This beautiful park is a destination for many tourists due to its plant, animal and historical things.

Dolphin Park

Dolphin Park is the first park in the Milad Tower that is suitable for tourists.

Jurassic Park

Tehran’s Jurassic Park is the only Iranian park to provide space for dinosaurs with large, moving sculptures for public.

Tochal cable car or skilift

Tochal is the name of a peak in the north of Tehran. This complex contains a main line that can be easily seen whole of Tehran.

Sorkhe Hesar Park

Sarkheh Hesar Park, one of the oldest grounds in eastern Tehran dating back to Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar period.

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