Transportation Iran

In the following we will share some information about Iran’s roads and the conditions and public and private transportation in Iran for tourists who travel to Iran.

Fortunately, recently we developed in transport infrastructure. This will help us to experience a better and safer travel.


Intercity traveling in Iran and traveling in cities in Iran

Intercity public transportation and Suburban in Iran

Air Travel in Iran

Air travel is almost available in almost all Iranian Cities. In fact, air travel in Iran and almost everywhere is a bit more expensive but there always are some less expensive and charter tickets to book. For more info about tickets and fees you can always check TCHARTER and ALIBABA.


Train Travel in Iran

Traveling by train is a bit more expensive than bus. But there are group of tourists who prefer train and especially when they travel in group. To be honest, traveling by train is a journey itself and it is full of memories and good moments. You can book your tickets from RAJA or ALIBABA.

Bus Travel in Iran

All cities in Iran have one or even more bus terminals for intercity traveling. You can buy the ticket from the terminal or book it online on different transportation websites.


Taxi in Iran

Usually in the same bus terminal you can always find some taxi which can drop you at your destination and the other city. With these taxis you need to be more careful about the fees and also check their car number whether they are really a taxi or private. Mostly in Iran taxis are in Yellow and Green color.


Suburban in Iran

Big cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad have metro. And metro made traveling in cities easier and also safer and quicker. Also nowadays, in almost all cities there are many applications for transporting like snapp, tapsi which works like Uber in other countries. The only thing is that you have to pay by cash and you cannot use your online paying system. Unless you have a friend or relative in Iran and use their debit cards.

There are taxi and bus available in different lines in every each and one city in Iran and you can always catch something to reach the destination.

The other way is rent a car and travel in Iran with your car, which is not difficult and you can find the way by using your Google map or other applications. Just check your car before you start the journey.

And during your journey you can always contact our team to ask for info or any other help.