These applications make travel in Iran an easy one


If you have planned to travel in Iran and in different cities, and take a stroll in city, an Iranian version of Uber is possible in almost all cities in Iran for transportation. To this end, you can download applications like, Tapsi, snapp, and carpino which all are available and safe to use for local and foreign tourists and all who are using any of smart phones in market.


To find café and restaurants near you, you can download and use applications like, Fidilio and Forsqure.


Well, it is definitely normal if you don’t know the Persian language, but it is sweet and useful to know few words to interact and survive in a foreign country. For this, we suggest you to download applications like, (I translate voice) or (Papago). All these applications are free on I Tunes and Google Play.


Nowadays we all know and find our ways and the best route in Google map. So here also the application, Google map is the best you can download from I Tunes and Google Play for free. Another application is Sygic, which you can download and use it for finding the routes.